Joomla Day Boston 2013

Saturday March 16th

What can I say awesome day, started with a lovely welcome to the “Microsoft Nerd Center” all I can say on that is wow what a great choice for a venue. The breakfast snacks were amazing and we were off to start a day of jam packed Joomla fun. Paul the new head of Open Source Matters started the day with the welcome speech giving us an update on what OSM will be focusing on in the coming while.

There was alot of great talks on with three tracks it was hard to select which one to attend. I chose to see as many front end theming discussions and also a hilarious discussion by Justin Herrin on Joomla 1.5 upgrade hell. This talk was fantastic and turned into a great conversation between some of us in the room regarding the pains we have come across and looking back what we could of done.

Lunch was superb and also included a discussion from Elin Waring  about Joomla3 and some coming features. The day as then ended by David talking about the road-map for the community management and just what areas will be focused on in the coming years. He gave us a sneak peak at the new goals which have been outlined by OSM and will be updated in a paper soon to be released on the web and through community channels.

I ended the day with a great talk by Matt Thomas on how to create Custom Templates using Joomla 3 and the goodness of Less and Bootstrap which is now in core.

The evening then ended with sponsoring of some drinks and amazing food once again (the food supplied on Joomla Day far out ranked anything that was on offer for SXSW). We ended up staying until late in the evening and chatting Joomla and also discussing some differences between Drupal and Joomla.

Thanks to Joomla Beat for sponsoring the tickets this was fantastic, if your into Joomla and CMS development please check out the Joomla beat podcast full of Joomla goodness, hot topics, great interviews and case studies.