Sydney Mobile User Group

So the Digi Girlz day was held at Microsoft Australia with great success. The day started with a keynote from Sarah Vaughun about what her experience was like in high school university and that first job and how she ended up in a top role in IT. After the key note the girls broke up into teams and circulated the rooms.

I was located in the round table room and held discussions with students on what it was like for me studying and working in it and also answered any questions they had about study//work in IT. The girls were great and very inspiring. Some were studying IT and had an idea about what they wanted to do, others were unsure and had not made up there decision yet. There was laughs to be heard and discussions on flame wars… yes we strayed off topic here and there and went into chats about how cool a certain technology was and there experiences with it… which was then turned into well these are some jobs in that field or that go to build that technology. All over the day was a huge success the girls had fun, learn t something and got to get some questions answered. Thanks Catherine for organsing this event a lot of hard work that was well worth it.