Turing Festival – Edinburgh

23 – 25 August

I was excited to be heading back from DrupalCon to the Turing festival, unfortunately due to date cross overs I was unable to attend the earlier part of the festival however we were able to make some dates.

I took my friend @pimunchers along with me to the festival as its always nice to have another ubergeek around to bounce tech ideas from. We were able to make it to a legal discussion mini conf which presented some ideas about Digital Assets in the event of a divorce or death, a talk from the laywer David Allen Green in the now famous Twitter case for the joke threat against the airport bombings and an ISP owner who refused to give up his clients data. All great talks and amazing information I was really impressed by the quality of talks. There was also a panel discussion at the end of the event.

We were also able to make it to the after party for Edinburgh start-ups and attendees of the Turing Festival.