Velocity – Amsterdam

Straight after OSCON was Velocity Conference, which ended up being great timing for me to be able to attend both. During Velocity I was doing room volunteering which is always a great way to be forced to see a series of talks that you might not have otherwise 🙂

My favourite talk of the conference was one from the Principal Engineer from Financial Times in London discussing their real world venture into MicroServices. The talk was fantastic, the speaker was clear and precise when articulating the approach they took to implementing microservices in a production environment. There were other talks I saw however this one stood out because it was real world. Hear me out here, what I mean is that it was not a “here is a product and it does some cool things” talk. This was a here is a new concept “Micro Services” that everyone is talking about and here is how Engineers implemented it in a production environment. Here are the pros and here are the cons, and here is are the gotchas that did not seem apparent until implementation. Thats the kind of talk as an engineer I want to hear more of, the real world examples of the new concepts not just the new concepts.

Overall the conference was really good and definitely matched its title of “Velocity” as it seemed to go so quickly and was jammed packed with high quality engineering talks, alot of new toys on display and a huge discount on ORiely books.