Autism Hackathon Seattle

March 22 to 24th

Had been waiting for this weekend for awhile, most people who know me know the advocacy and support I give to Autism and Asperger. There has never been a specific hack day for Autism and after the SXSW Autism Apps panel I was pumped for some development.

The introductory night went well and Michal from MIT told us all about his new Open Source project for story building and recent research he has been doing, as well as stories from other children.

People who had some ideas presented them, I was going to work on my own idea however a gentleman stood up and said I want to use Kinect and facial recognition for emotions. So I felt compelled to join up with this team.

The weekend was fill with two full days of hacking and we got three levels designed for a Kinect game to help kids learn about emotions. We got a large portion of the project finished. My main help was to add some direction and project leadership, as well as preparing the presentation and work flow diagrams for the planned levels. The weekend was fantastic and it was great to meet so many enthusiastic people who are focused on trying to help add more apps into a space that needs it.

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