Brighton Maker Faire

9 September

So I raced back from the Manchester Drupal meet-up to head off to Brighton Maker Faire. We got there the night before to go down to the set-up to meet some friends and see who was around. When I walked it the door I was greeted by Andy Piper “Oh your here with your¬†enthusiasm¬†go grab a volunteer t-shirt and a beer” and ¬†with that I was volunteering. My first job was setting up the computers so people could fill out the survey forms on a PC for the event, we were given a¬†typewriter¬†that was set-up with an arduino board to connect to a PC and worked as a keyboard for the PC, it was hilarious.

The day of the Maker Faire and wow there was such a buzz on the floor in the morning it was crazy I was glad to have my good friend Øyvind Kolås around to help me out. We ended up helping people set-up tables and the biggest thing was organsing the lunch. So the faire could get keep going to handle the buzz of people attending we handed people their lunch at the booths. The crazy thing was trying to keep track of peoples numbers as there was not alot of lunch to go around and some booths had more helpers then the number we had lunches. The good news is we feed the masses.

Towards the end of the day i decided to take a break and attend a “Technology will save us” hack where we built a¬†moisture¬†detector¬†for plants this was awesome as it told you when the dirt was too dry and the plant needed watering. I wanted to do this hack as on a larger scale it can be useful at my house for when I travel. You can also set it to send you an SMS when the plant needs watering so when I travel I can get my mum sent an SMS and tell her to water my plants lol. Oh and the most awesome thing was that there was a guy from “Technology will save us” who had LED glasses like Jordi from Star Trek I got to wear them and have my photo taken with them on, Geek Highlight right there lol.

The night ended with a big after party where there was drinks, electro music and a light show. We stayed for abit and then decided to head out on Brighton Town for some nightlife.