FaceBook HQ London Visit

1 September

Another Geek Girl Dinner I could make in London woohoo. This time it was at the FaceBook Head Quarters this was cool as they had only just set-up so it was cool to see the set-up. We got into the HQ and were taken up to the chill out space and as all geek HQ’s it was impressive nice, big space, great food and comfortable chairs…

The night was great we saw a presentation from FaceBook about security and how they handle it on a day to day basis and some of the challenges they face. It was interesting to have an insight into how a large social media company handles not just code security but also posts etc that might breach “”terms of use””.

The other great talk was on the EU Cookie Law, this was a main reason I wanted to come as with my recent studies in Data¬†Sovereignty. The talk was from a women who was doing a PHD on Eu Cookie Law and she presented her findings. She discussed the inability of the law to actually do anything except force websites to show you pop-ups with “”We Use Cookies””. She also mentioned how these pop-ups serve nothing as if you say no you lose functionality of the site, so therefore they do nothing but say hey we use cookies now accept them on your machine. I got to discuss this with her afterwards and also some of the studies I have been doing. It is always good to talk to another person crossing the lines of technology and law in their studies and also a woman in that area.

All over another great night thanks Geek Girl Dinners you never fail to impress.