Conference Tutorials

DDU Theming and Inheritance Talk

Had the pleasure of being chosen to deliver a talk at Drupal DownUnder 2012. I was really pleased to deliver the talk and had a great turn-out and some interesting questions. I also received some feedback from a designer who said they enjoyed the talk but would like some more design centric talks.

The talk aimed to cover new template changes in Drupal7 and also give some flow charts for theme inheritance. The talk was born from a presentation I did for Learning Drupal Sydney last year. The talk I originally gave was more aimed at explaining the template system in Drupal however you cant explain Drupal template engine without explaining inheritance. I have also found through the years it is one area in which people new to Drupal seem to struggle with grasping and end up going “”Why does that CSS class keep appearing”” and use display:none. Hopefully the talk aims to explain at an intermediate level how the inheritance works 😀