Seems Android is “attracting” Women

“Was not happy with this article today,… mainly the comment,

“”Telsyte was seeing ‚all sorts‚of people buying Android devices or saying that they wanted to buy Android devices, Mr Fadaghi said. They’re not just nerdy males. We’re seeing a lot more females attracted to Android for the fact that [Android] devices have a lot of different looks and form factors. [They’re] a little bit more personalised than just the standard iPhone.

Ok so the reasons I was not happy?

Well to start I don’t like people setting a stereotype that Linux/Android etc is for nerdy males, and the reason women are “”attracted”” to a device is for its look or form factor.. I just don’t think 1 it represents the market segment properly and also 2 the use of the term nerdy males. That statement also implied that females cant be nerdy?

What would of made it better.

He should of simply stated something like “”not just for the nerdy types”” this way he would not of had to bring gender into it. That way no one is offended and there are no stereotypes enforced. Think that most geek girls are so sick and tired of marketers thinking they need their laptop or mouse to be pink? and if they do who says a man wont either? A great example would be my 10 year old niece thinks its appalling and hates the colour pink because of having it constantly thrown on her by marketers.

Another point to make is that I know alot of men who are attracted to electrical devices because of how they look so it also denotes in that comment that only women are interested in form factors? When we bring gender into the mix we can easily dilute the facts especially when they are not presented on the same page.

What would of been good.

If research was going to be presented as was argued with me by Mr Fadaghi, if that was the case, then some figures and actual facts maybe? For example what questions were asked? what was the demographic break down of the people interview? how was the interview/survey performed? This kind of information would be great to see accommodating the article.

To conclude,

Some actual news aka facts rather then shock tactic comments seems to be lacking from today’s onslaught of news articles. Facts would be great to see every now and then.”