Drupal DownUnder 2012

I was completely blown away with Drupal DownUnder this year. The organisation was spot on and the conference ran smoothly. There was also a large increase seeing an extra 100 people come through the doors then in 2011 Brisbane. There was also a good number of non developer types at 2012. There were some concerns that in 2011 the audience was mainly developers which was bound to happen in some ways with it being the first year and all. The promotional work by Donna, Peter and Brian worked a treat and saw content editors, designers and business managers in good numbers.

It was a real professional event and I believe it has added alot to the Australia community to help raise the profile of Drupal and the conference.

I really liked the inclusion of the lighting talks at the end, it really helped to put a good community vibe into the end of the conference. I got up to give a lighting talk however my laptop failed and I did not do so good with timing =, but you get that sometimes. Next-time I ditch the laptop and presentation earlier rather then try to fix it and lose more time 😉 The lighting talk I gave was regarding involving more newbies in Drupal .