Inspiration Meet-Up

Online Brand discussion at GGDSYD

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to give a talk at Geek Girl Dinners in Sydney. I was excited as now I have delivered talks at Geek Girl events on both sides of the planet (achievement unlocked).

The talk was about online branding and what is means to the average person.I decided to give this talk to pass across some knowledge to other geek girls about setting up an online presence. The talk went really well, I had that odd moment at the end where you ask if there is any questions and the room falls silent… However soon enough there was a hand raised and the discussion continued on for another 10minutes. It was fantastic as we had some recruiters in the room who could give there own personal experience of researching peoples online profile and what certain results can mean.

Being someone who was interested in fashion and art from a young age and having worked in fashion I have always been interested in personal branding. When I was working within the area of online tourism in Byron Bay I started to get into social networking for company branding. This was a great eye opener and a realisation of the power of social media. And after seeing the astro turf wars between the directory listing sites saw me have to manage brands where competition had already reserved their name space.

For me personally, the experience of losing my online handle and placing work online and social networking under my real name began in 2006. Since then I do not think I have really looked back

Hopefully the slideshow will provide some information to people and be of some assistance, oh and thanks SlideShare for featuring it on your home page.