Joomla Day Australia

I was happy to be able to make Joomla Day Australia this year after missing the previous years. Joomla is a CMS I have been building with since its inception, and I am quite proud to say that I witnessed its departure from Mambo and its bloom into Joomla 😀

This year I was giving a talk on my favourite Joomla topic, Accessibility. These days I am not as active in the Joomla codebase as I once was however I always try to keep abreast in what is occurring in the state of Joomla and Accessibility. The talk was an update on a previous talk I gave on the state of accessibility in Joomla, and I was happy to see some more updates and extensions on offer growing.

Accessibility, SEO and Joomla from JoomlaDay Australia

Thank you as always to Tim for organising such an amazing conference. I love this conference because for me it is not just about keeping up to date with the state of things in Joomla, but it is also about catching up with old friends and people whom I really see as part of my CMS family. There was a great line-up of talks, I enjoyed Tims “WordPress vs Joomla” I felt it was delivered in a very practical look at both CMS strengths and weaknesses.

CMS Showdown WordPress vs Joomla from JoomlaDay Australia

Peter Bui gave a great talk on his experiences working with offshore development teams and some of his lessons learnt. I felt it was quite brave of Peter to really open up to people about his pain points and lessons learnt, also to give a transparent view into what it is like for his company in their day to day running.

Working with an offshore developer from JoomlaDay Australia

It is also worth a mention that on the Saturday there was a Joomla Certification workshop running, this is a new initiative from Open Source Matters and unlike alot of certifications I have seen this one is quite complex and is certainly no walk in the park. I myself will be looking towards the certification at next years event. If you are interested in Joomla Certifcation and live in Australia you can always reach out to the JoomlaDay Sydney Twitter handle or website for further information.