WordCamp Brisbane

Another year and another great WordCamp Brisbane, and each year has just gotten better. The community is so welcoming and the organisers will put that extra effort in to ensure the event is inclusive and peoples needs are catered for. I really enjoyed the talks on testing and testing pipelines, there was also an interesting talk on the proposal for a WordPress plugin quality check/confirmation.

The Saturday drinks where great and a fantastic networking event, pleased to say the music at the event was not loud so we could actually talk and hear each other. Prior to drinks I ended up joining a dinner of Women in WordPress (not an offical dinner but there was many of us), I really enjoyed the dinner and ability to talk to other women running businesses. The thing I enjoy the most about the WordPress community is the breath of diversity within the community. At the table there where people using WordPress for their own business site, running WordPress development houses, e-learning and online training, corporate workers. Having a table of such intelligent and experienced Women was a great help and I felt comfortable to discuss issues and concerns I felt running a business as a Woman.

This is a great conference, and one that I always walk away it with notepad full of tips and tricks not just about WordPress development but about business practices, remote workers, design principles, accessibility, training, testing and many more.