LinuxCon Europe – Dublin

So I missed a flight from Seattle to Dublin and then ended up landing in Dublin about 4hours before my talk. So not an ideal situation, luckily I was not flying from Australia but only Seattle so the flight was half the distance not that it helps you much when you land and your talk is in four hours. I managed to get myself to the conference and to the talk in time and prepared as I could be. The talk I gave in Dublin was the same one as I gave in Seattle so I had some preparation up my sleeve which can be rare for me as I tend to give alot of talks as a once off, but this was also before I was aiming to give the same talk to two different sides of the globe. I modified the talk slightly for the European audience and delivered the speech on the first day of Linux Con giving me the rest of the week to be able to see talks and enjoy the dinners.

The conference was fantastic and so was Dublin, the final party was held at the Guinness Brewery, which was alot larger a complex then I had first imagined. Whilst there we got taught how to pour a proper Guinness though I suspect I am not going to need to use that kill often. Great conference and I am looking forward to the next one I can attend. I really do appreciate the differences between a LinuxCon in Europe and America for me they are two different scenes and the conferences is able to capture the local essence whilst still delivery what is becoming to be the “Linux Foundation” conference format.