OSCON Amsterdam

And we are off to Amsterdam, such an amazing pretty city. To speak about the differences in the conferences absolutely huge. The line-up was really different and they went with a local flair, the actual conference itself was smaller which I am told was to be expected. The business hall was smaller but alot more of a community feel then the huge ones in North America. The party well wasnt a party but a canal ride through Amsterdam. A nice boat ride with friends is always good and I do not think I would of actually seen the canals on this trip and time to catch up with everyone was short so thanks for this one O’Riely. I must say even with the currency conversion difference the author books where alot cheaper in Europe then America so I ended up loading up on a few and needed to purchase an extra bag to bring them back to Australia in.

Next year the conference will be back in Europe and in London, I am expecting a bigger crowd then as London seems to draw them in Europe in my limited experience. I do not think I will be back next year, but I will keep OSCON Europe on the radar.