Microsoft BizSpark

After discussions with Sydney Windows User Group informing them about my plans to test and trial Azure for a CMS solution i had running on Linux, I was informed about . I was pointed in the direction of Catherine Eibner who was able to answer any questions I had, and yes she also had me signed up.

Basically you get Support from Microsoft and also exposure through Start-up promotion websites and access to Microsoft Software for three years. There is no cost to join, however if you cancel you need to pay USD$100 cancellation fee. At the end of that three years you will then need to pay for the software you want to keep using. You do not need to pay for the last three years of use just any further use. There is also the program however this was not suitable for my business.

The main products I have utilized from the Biz Spark program;

Expression Studio
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 2008 Server
Office 2010
Visual Studio 2010 (Do most development in Eclipse but use VS for XNA/Silverlight development)