Refunds oh the joy of them

The problem with being un-well at the moment is proving to be the lack of support for refunds. I will be contacting companies tonight and expecting to have my DrupalCon tickets and training refunded however the airlines could be a pain. I would understand on normal circumstances not being able to refund or credit however for a unforeseen medical condition I would not expect that to be treated the same as a normal flight cancellation or move.

This is my first time traveling Finnair as I am normally a die hard Virgin supporter. I have contacted so far they have been quite rude and not very understanding. It has been hard to get information from them and also get links to any policies 🙁 The other concern I have is for staff and other people flying if they tell me I must take a flight within x months or face losing the cost of the flight how does that help or benefit other people on the plane or staff if I was unwell would the staff be able to handle it? would it not freak other people on the plane out? is it really ethical? these are questions I have raised with Web Jet and received the standard we are only stating what is on the paper. Highlighting another issue with call centers they work for the A to B things but never for the out of the ordinary which so often happens in life. There should be the ok when the Z out of the ordinary occurs you need to put them in touch with someone (normally a staff member/s or team) that is experienced in dealing with those situations. When someone is sick it is moments like this that being treated like a number can cause more pain and suffering or increased blood pressure which could lead to more complications etc.

Hopefully will report back in the next week with some positive information and hoping I do not have to waste to much energy on getting it sorted. Here’s hoping 🙂