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Divine Intervention – aka Pulp Fiction

As most of you know I have not been feeling the best over the last couple of months, coughing fits and not being as active as I normally am. I have also been pushing myself to the limits trying to get a number of large Drupal projects off the ground this year and doing a lot of face to face training and knowledge sharing. Sometimes you load your plate up so much you forget about the person who ios holding it (you).

So last week started like any other I was hectic planning a trip overseas, booked my DrupalCon ticket and discussing what plans I had for my upcoming trip. Until I woke up on the fourth of July which a visit to the emergency department.

A bunch of tests later the Doctors were able to confirm that they have found some blood clots which will see me home bound for a bit and also stop me from travel for a couple of months 🙁

Hence my longest time of not tweeting (one week to be precise) as I sorted out what was going wrong and how I dealt with it. As most of you know I am a very active person enjoy skiing, bolder climbing, hiking, wake boarding, swimming, cycling… and as someone who loves to travel and was looking forward to traveling back over to Europe to catch up with friends and also take part in some cool hack days and conferences.

The hardest part
I think that has been the hardest thing to deal with is how do I tell people, how do I explain what has happened, how do I say sorry I wont be able to make it this year, or sorry I can not take on that project.

What does it all mean
Well it means for the next six months I will be taking it slow and spending alot of times in doors stuck on my computer. I will still be around at user groups and also working with Child Fund Australia and Demonz Media in there Sydney offices, also looking to do some work with another design house in Sydney.

My thesis due date is still August 2011, and I am on track to have it completed for that date. The time off will give me some more time to focus on publishing my first academic paper on my findings.

The Future
What this means for my future is that I will be participating in an even more healthier lifestyle apart from that there is not much impact on my future. Once the clots have dissipated there is very low chance of them occurring again, due to there not being any genetic disposition. It also looks to be likely that the cause of them was a combination of medication I was on plus going from a very active lifestyle to being bed bound while I recovered from a chest infection. Sometimes rest is a good thing for someone who is active taking a sudden rest and reduction in activity can have a negative effect so i found, moderation I hear is a good thing 🙂