Linux Australia Conference Support

Recently I had an idea to start an Australian based PHP Conference. As all good ventures need a team I asked the assistance of Daniel Smith and Graham Weldon who had also expressed a desire to see an Australian PHP Conference. So together the idea and group was born. There are some pie in the sky ideas we have about what a conference can mean and also do for the local PHP community. However everything needs to start from small things. Graham looked into using al business structure but the reality of creating a new business venture and also a conference in 8months was daunting. And well that’s where Linux Australia comes in. Linux Australia allows for a conference to be set-up as a sub committee and utilise Linux Australia’s association structure to assist with bank account creation etc.

This time last year funny enough in the Drupal Australian community we were under the same discussion. How do we run an annual conference, some of us myself included pushed for the idea the have it under Linux Australia. The great thing for the community at the time was Donna Benjamin a prominent member of Linux Australia is also a member of the Drupal community. After long discussion it was decided the best way for a sustainable conference was to have it under the Linux Australia sub-committee structure.

What you need to do.

Be a member of Linux Australia
Apply for a Grant
Have a co-ordinater (Event Leader) and a Treasurer

The needed links are below

Linux Australia

Linux Australia List of Grants

Linux Australia Grant Application

Sub Committee Policy

List of Sub Committee and format of needed information for applying as a sub-committee

Example of Expenses Policy