Being Wrong

I was browsing on Ted tonight and came across the below, I think it is very fitting for information technology professionals. We need to be able to admit we are wrong. We need to be able to learn from our peers and contribute. Everything needs a champion however a true Champion admits that they are wrong sometimes and takes on the input of others.

Kathryn says;

“When we come across someone who disagrees with us we assume the following things;
 1. They are ignorant
 2. They dont know what we know
 3. They know the truth and are distorting it for their own benefits

This causes us to not be able to admit when we are wrong and also treat people badly.”
The miracle of our minds is that we can see the world as it isnt. I like this way of thinking.

I feel that I am able to achieve on projects because I can imagine myself in other peoples shoes having performed so many roles in business. But I also know that I am created by my experience and limited by it. I need to be able to listen to people and admit that I might not be right all the time in order to get the best results. It means being humble maybe, more I feel it means being human. Admitting our faults is admitting we are human and also enables us to grow and learn from those mistakes. I feel I am brilliant at computers because I pulled them apart, broke them, discovered from my mistakes and admitted I was wrong and learnt from other people.

Food For Thought…

After watching Kathyrn I also stumbled upon Ric Elias a plane crash survivor. I quite like his talk not on the exact same topic however he does address the issue of letting go of being right and looking at the importance of our relationships with people. Quite interesting he says three things he learnt;

 1. It all changes in an instant
 2. Eliminate negative energy by not trying to be right but choosing to be happy
 3. Appreciating the people in your life that matter