Tim Berners-lee

I was lucky enough to see <a href=” present at the keynote for Over the Air on Saturday. He gave a very casual informal speech about the internet where it is headed, the importance of semantic web, the need for all people to have equal access to information. It was inspiring and I was lucky enough to be sitting up close with a perfect view of the man who invented HTML.

Later that day I went to a talk that was presenting about a training program they were setting up in Ghana. And who was in the room but Tim Berners Lee.

There were not many people in the room and it was more like an open discussion then a presentation so we all shared out thoughts and opinions. It was quite inspiring sitting in a room and having a conversation with Tim Berners Lee about access to information for all and the web foundation’s work in this area. I was inspired to think that a program like OLPC which I am involved in helps towards that goal of people being able to access information.

Inspired to continue working with open source software and on projects like OLPC to help work towards reducing the information gap in emerging and merging marketing.