Syd PHP Febuary Meet-up

Attended the first PHP user group meet-up in Sydney. Was great to see the PHP guys again as always great discussions. The talks were on security and presented by Yahoo.

@jazdor showed some main security issues with PHP, cross site scripting, SQL injection, man in the middle attacks. He showed some easy ways that people can use these holes to attack a website. He presented with both slides and live demos so we actually got to see what he was talking about in live action.

After @jazdor spoke @ceralboy and another Yahoo security master then presented on how to prevent against such attacks. They showed how to secure your code against such attacks, also why you would not want to use certain methods for storing passwords etc.

The night went well, great set-up and professional presentation on an important topic that had the crowd interested. After the SydPHP meet-up as always we went out for drinks and geek chats which lasted into the later hours. Looking forward to next months meeting where I will be presenting.